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EU Sustainable Energy Week
EU Sustainable Energy Week
EU Sustainable Energy Week


The event was realised in the Residence Palace Maelbek room, which was vibrating from the interest of the high number of participants. Attendees had the opportunity to become familiar with the activities of the featured projects, gaining useful information for the role of local authorities. Targeted presentation were held by Rainer Handfinger (Sustainable local development), Danilo di Pietro (Strengthening local authorities in sustainable energy and climate adaptation planning), Patrick Biard (How to achieve multilevel governance for Carbon Neutrality by 2050) and Tomislav Pukšec (Multi stakeholder engagement). 

Mr. Biard stressed the importance of a shared vision and political commitment in place at all levels for multi-level governance to be effective and successful.

In the live poll during the session regarding the challenges to address the energy and climate policy issues, financing was identified as the major challenge to be addressed in the future. Additional challenges include the lack of skills and personnel.

Are you interested in the role of local authorities for translating the European policies successfully into established and accepted practices and how it could be enhanced?  Don't miss the "Local Authorities as Drivers to Address Climate Change" EUSEW 19 event!

In order to facilitate the debate among the audience, several initiatives and EU funded projects will introduce their concepts, approaches and experiences: Covenant of Mayors, European Energy Award eea (quality management and labelling approach), CoME EASY (combining CoM and eea for SECAP development and implementation), IMPLEMENT (eea approach in 4 new countries), EMPOWERING and LIFE SEC ADAPT (upgrading SEAPs to SECAPs), C-Track 50 (long-term approached for 2050) and PentaHelix (multi stakeholder and governance approach).

Attendees of this session will have the opportunity to benefit from projects’ results (findings, tools, e-platforms,..) that are easily transferable to different local settings. Initiatives presented during this session will provide useful information both for local, regional and national authorities and political decision makers willing to develop and improve their climate strategy and actively shape Europe’s energy future.

Speakers of the session include representatives of the Committee of the Regions and from local and regional authorities all over Europe.

For more information, you can click here: https://eusew.eu/local-authorities-drivers-address-climate-change