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The main objective of the EUCF (European City Facility) is embracing the municipalities’ efforts to attract investment funds towards climate and energy action plans. Every municipality and relevant organisations (with LAU(2) codes) from EU member-states and the UK are able to apply. Successful applicants will acquire a total amount of 60,000 € in order to formulate an investment framework in their native language. Some examples of investment activities include market analysis, feasibility studies, stakeholder analysis and risk analysis. It is important to note that there are also many more types of actions that can be included in these investment plans.

Another supporting mechanism of this project is the provision of technical assistance from the project’s team or/and from the country expert. The country expert may be an individual or an organisation with significant experience in financing schemes and sustainable energy projects. Find your country expert from this file.

The first round of applications is still open, until the 2nd of October, so the interested municipalities are able to apply. The results of this call will be evaluated at the end of 2020 and a second round will be open in spring of 2021 for those who did not make it on the first one.

The evaluation of the application consists on 5 criteria:

  1. Energy savings (per capita)
  2. Investment size (per capita)
  3. Stakeholder’s engagement
  4. Governance structure
  5. Alignment with EUCF’s objectives

It is suggested that small- and medium-sized municipalities make joint applications. In this manner, they can increase the chances of a successful application since they will propose a more ambitious plan.

It is also important to mention that energy agencies can also play an important role in the process although they cannot apply to EUCF. They can provide useful assistance in fields such as sustainable investment projects and enhancing investment portfolios towards more ambitious targets. This expertise can be crucial for claiming the 60,000 € fund, but it can also be significant for the studies and analyses that the municipality will have to carry out after receiving the fund. Therefore, these organisations are suggested to inform the municipalities in order to support their applications.

The application process is fast, simple and can take place online.

Moreover, on the EUCF site, there is various useful information, such as the guidelines for applicants, FAQs and a short video presenting the application process. Interested applicants are encouraged to reach for the aforementioned data before applying. Furthermore, there various national webinars that provide useful advice for the applicants, available on YouTube. For any further advice or request, additional help can be provided by the EUCF’s Helpdesk.