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The 6th project meeting of C-Track 50 was realised via an online platform (Microsoft Teams) due to the COVID-19 pandemic on the 15th, 16th and 17th of September. Over the first two days, the discussion on the project’s progress regarding SECAPs and funding proposals preparation, and the challenges raised by the pandemic on the collaboration with the beneficiary municipalities was in the focus. Adopted mitigation measures on coping with the impacts at each country level were thoroughly discussed, and exchange between the partners on the current status and next steps took place. Other topics highlighted were the continuation of communication and training activities via online platforms.

On the third day, a capacity building activity for the partners, with the participation of invited experts, was also held. The thematic topic was smart city experiences, as well as innovative energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies. These thematic areas were presented with case study examples from the C-Track 50 countries, based on the partners’ expertise. Many case studies were presented such as the use of batteries for energy storage in the island of Madeira in Portugal, the use of hydrogen technologies, the installation of microgrids in Alpine regions and the use of biogas in Poland. Similar presentations took place focusing on the progress on smart city solutions. Some of the cities demonstrated were Baia Mare and Alba Iulia in Romania, Debrecen in Hungary, Jelgava in Latvia etc. All these presentations provided important insights to the partners in order to plan and implement more efficient actions in the future.