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C-Track 50 being on its final mile, is co-organizing, along with PENTAHELIX and the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy - Europe, a massive event consisting of 3 workshops between the 20th of May and the 1st of June. This trilateral synergetic initiative is joined by EU sister projects and Initiatives (European Energy Award, IMLEMENT, CoME EASY, PROSPECT 2030, JOINT SECAP, STEPPING Plus, E-Fix) to contribute, providing their own insights regarding energy saving and sustainability at a local/regional level.

Specifically, this event series consists of three workshops taking place on the 20th of May, the 27th of May and the 1st of June. The first workshop focuses on the importance of multi-level governance on a SECAP’s success. During the plenary discussions, the benefits of multi-level governance will be thoroughly presented, and best practices will be showcased. The second part of this workshop will be conducted in four parallel break out sessions, each focusing on a different aspect of multi-level governance, aligned with the plenary discussions. The thematics to be discussed include the importance of regional support during a plan’s formulation and implementation, the impact of multi-level governance on a plan’s success, collaboration of local authorities under joint plans, as well as the role of a Regional Energy Observatory for data monitoring. REGISTER and learn more on the event.

The second workshop will focus on climate and energy planning. In the plenary session, different insights on successful energy and climate planning will be presented. During the five parallel breakout sessions, the topics to be discussed include long-term planning towards carbon neutrality, stakeholder engagement, European initiatives supporting municipalities, mid-term planning and regional perspective and strategic assessment for climate adaptation. REGISTER and learn more on the event.

The last workshop will delve into various funding mechanisms that can support energy and climate plans. Focus will be given in Public Procurement of Innovation (PPI), Energy Performance Contracts (EPC), ELENA Facility (European Local Energy Assistance) and Energy Communities and Crowd-funding. The plenary discussions will touch upon financing options such as market engagement and innovative financing instruments, while the four parallel breakout sessions will go into more details on the above topics. REGISTER and learn more on the event.

Interested to join the whole series? Register for all three webinars here.

C-Track 50, as one of the co-organisers, will contribute in all thematics with insights, best practices and lessons learnt, and will coordinate dedicated breakout sessions on the below topics. Keynotes will be delivered by Patrick Biard (AURA EE) on the importance of vertical cooperation, Andriana Stavrakaki (EPTA) on planning towards a carbon neutral future, as well as Liena Krumina (AC Konsultācijas) on the preparation of an ELENA application.