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The GET READY FOR 2050 event series was concluded this 1st June morning after hosting its third and final session. Let’s go back to an intense and interesting programme.

Several high level EU initiatives and EU projects focusing on support to local and regional authorities decided to join forces to offer a unique online programme for their stakeholders. As main organisers, the Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy – EuropeC-Track 50 and Pentahelix H2020 projects have welcomed many others to join and share their experiences: PROSPECT 2030Joint_SecapEuropean Energy AwardIMPLEMENTCoME EASYE-FixStepping PlusDECIDE were all among the impressive line up constistuted for the occasion. This resulted in:

  • More than 200 different participants joining all 3 sessions, and about 100 participating in each session, coming from local and regional authorities, energy agencies, consultancies, academia, networks… ;
  • Support across various branches of the European Commission, notably through inspiring and informative welcome addresses from DG REGIO, DG CLIMA, DG ENER, but also from the European Investment Bank;
  • 19 presentations from consultants, public authorities, energy agencies and EU networks working daily on capacity-building and support in climate & energy planning and financing;
  • 13 interactive breakout sessions featuring 29 high skilled facilitators and experts;
  • An impressive variety of topics related to the main issue: regional support to municipalities, carbon neutrality planning, adaptation, joint SECAPs, EPC, energy communities, crowdfunding, etc.
  • New links created between participating stakeholders;
  • raised awareness on opportunities for project development, implementation and financing… and much more

Here below, you can access speakers’ slides and watch the recordings of Sessions 1, 2 and 3  (plenary sections only)

Session 1 Slides
Session 2 Slides
Session 3 Slides