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LifeAdaptate in cooperation with the Region of Murcia and Info Murcia is organising its final conference, aiming to present the project’s results and synergies. This conference comprises of two main sessions, including an opening and a final one. The opening session will be focusing on the project’s impact on European efforts towards climate change adaptation and the role of the Covenant of Mayors. Afterwards, the conference will focus on specific methodologies used towards supporting municipalities achieve their climate change mitigation targets, such as a new SECAP methodology.

In the second session, the EU Green Deal and the European Climate Pact are presented, examining their linkages with local climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts. This session also delves into nature-based solutions, which can be an important aspect of climate change adaptation. Lastly, the final session of the conference will present the project’s results as well as the support that will be provided by the LIFE programme in the years to follow.

Apart from the variety of subjects discussed, the conference is also characterised by a wide spectrum of presenters from various fields and organisations such as experts from the project’s consortium, mayors and researchers from other projects or organisations.

C-Track 50 will also be present in this event with Dr. Alexandra Papadopoulou, focusing on the climate change adaptation approach adopted by cities working on long term decarbonization target and the support of more than 100 municipalities across 11 EU countries.

Register at the event at www.lifeadaptateconference.com